1. Black Dahlia Murder Unhallowed
  2. Black Dahlia Murder Unhallowed

Black Dahlia Murder — Unhallowed

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Limited Green/Red Smoke Vinyl LP

Melodic death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder formed in 2001 in Waterford, Michigan. Their name is derived from the 1947 unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, often referred to as Black Dahlia. After appearing in concerts such as the Milwaukee Metal Fest, The Black Dahlia Murder signed to Metal Blade Records in 2003. Unhallowed is their debut studio album, originally released on June 17, 2003. The intro and outro come from the guide Butchering The Human Carcass For Human Consumption by The Church of Euthanasia. The intro is a narration of the section “Gutting,” and the outro is from the section titled “Beheading.” The songs “The Blackest Incarnation” and “Closed Casket Requiem” originally appeared on the EP A Cold-Blooded Epitaph and were re-recorded for this album.

Released: 2/23/24

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Label: Metal Blade

Variant: Green/Red Smoke

Format: LP Reissue
Limited Edition
Explicit Content

  1. Unhallowed
  2. Funeral Thirst
  3. Elder Misanthropy
  4. Contagion
  5. When The Last Grave Has Emptied
  6. Thy Horror Cosmic
  7. The Blackest Incarnation
  8. Hymn For The Wretched
  9. Closed Casket Requiem
  10. Apex