1. Beatles Yellow Submarine
  2. Beatles Yellow Submarine

Beatles — Yellow Submarine

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Limited Edition 180-Gram Remastered Vinyl LP

This 180-gram audiophile vinyl reissue from the Fab Four comes housed in replicated artwork. The soundtrack to their trippy animated film Yellow Submarine is a gentle gem from 1969. It features hits such as the title track, “All Together Now” and All You Need Is Love,” along with producer George Martin’s score. This album scaled the chart to the #2 position in 1969. This vinyl pressing contains the 2009 digital remaster of the album, making it sound more vibrant and electrifying than ever before.

Released: 11/13/12

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Label: Capitol

Variant: 180-Gram

Format: LP Reissue

  1. Yellow Submarine
  2. Only A Northern Song
  3. All Together Now
  4. Hey Bulldog
  5. It’s All Too Much
  6. All You Need Is Love
  7. Pepperland
  8. Sea Of Time
  9. Sea Of Holes
  10. Sea Of Monsters
  11. March Of The Meanies
  12. Pepperland Laid Waist
  13. Yellow Submarine In Pepperland