1. Animals As Leaders Parrhesia
  2. Animals As Leaders Parrhesia
  3. Animals As Leaders Parrhesia

Animals As Leaders — Parrhesia

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Indie Exclusive Neon Orange Vinyl LP

The groundbreaking, genre-defying instrumental trio Animals As Leaders released their fifth studio album in March 2022. It’s their first full-length album since 2016’s critically acclaimed The Madness Of Many, and features the song “Micro-Aggressions.” As Pitchfork observed, “Animals As Leaders have walked the tightrope between sheer technical virtuosity and actual emotional resonance.” Even without vocals, this is intimate, mythmaking music. The Chicago Tribune declared founding guitarist Tosin Abasi “the closest thing prog-metal has to an Eddie Van Halen.”

Released: 4/22/22

Label: Sumerian Records

Variant: Neon Orange (IEX)

Format: 1-LP

  1. Conflict Cartography
  2. Monomyth
  3. Red Miso
  4. Gestaltzerfall
  5. Asahi
  6. The Problem Of Other Minds
  7. Thoughts And Prayers
  8. Micro-Aggressions
  9. Gordian Naught