1. Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition
  2. Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition
  3. Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls Pink & Blue

Alabama Shakes — Boys & Girls

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Grammy Nominated for Best Rock Performance

Pink & Blue or 10th Anniversary Deluxe 2-LP on Cloudy Clear Vinyl

Originally released in 2012, the debut record by Alabama Shakes has sold over 1 millions copies, was nominated for multiple Grammys and brought the band international acclaim. This deluxe anniversary edition is repackaged in a foiled gatefold jacket with new photos and a bonus LP, which features a raw and explosive radio session from KCRW recorded in January 2012.

Pink & Blue: 10/29/21
10th Anniversary: 12/9/22

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Label: ATO Records

Variant: Cloudy Clear
Pink & Blue

Format: 1-LP Pink & Blue
2-LP Cloudy Clear
Foil-Board Gatefold Jacket with New Photos
Limited-Time Digital Download

  1. Hold On
  2. I Found You
  3. Hang Loose
  4. Rise To The Sun
  5. You Ain’t Alone
  6. Goin’ To The Party
  7. Heartbreaker
  8. Boys & Girls
  9. Be Mine
  10. I Ain’t The Same
  11. On Your Way
  12. Heavy Chevy
  13. Hang Loose [Live At KCRW]
  14. I Found You [Live At KCRW]
  15. Be Mine [Live At KCRW]
  16. I Ain’t The Same [Live At KCRW]
  17. Mama [Live At KCRW]
  18. Goin’ To The Party [Live At KCRW]
  19. Hold On [Live At KCRW]
  20. Boys & Girls [Live At KCRW]
  21. Always Alright [Live At KCRW]
  22. Rise To The Sun [Live At KCRW]
  23. Heavy Chevy [Live At KCRW]