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Aerosmith — Greatest Hits (1- or 2-LP)

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140-Gram Vinyl Single or Double LP

New Greatest Hits release celebrates 50 years of Aerosmith! Available as a single or double LP album on standard-weight black vinyl. The 10 (or 20) tracks span their five-decade career, and feature “Dream On,” “Walk This Way,” “Sweet Emotion,” “Crazy,” “Cryin’” and more!

Released: 8/18/23

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Label: Capitol

Variant: Black

Format: 1-LP or 2-LP
Greatest Hits

  1. 1-LP: Dream On
  2. Sweet Emotion
  3. Walk This Way
  4. Water Song/Janie’s Got A Gun
  5. Cryin’
  6. Livin’ On T Edge
  7. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
  8. Rag Doll [Live]
  9. Crazy
  10. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
  11. 2-LP: Mama Kin
  12. Dream On
  13. Same Old Song And Dance
  14. Seasons Of Wither
  15. Walk This Way
  16. Sweet Emotion
  17. Back In The Saddle
  18. Draw The Line
  19. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
  20. Angel
  21. Rag Doll [Live]
  22. Water Song/Janie’s Got A Gun
  23. What It Takes
  24. Love In An Elevator
  25. Crazy
  26. Livin’ On The Edge
  27. Cryin’
  28. Pink
  29. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
  30. Jaded