311 Greatest Hits 93-03

311 — Greatest Hits '93-'03

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Double LP Pressing

Who knew this band had SO MANY rockin’ singles — 17 to be exact! 311’s first compilation album spans the golden age of ’93 to ’03. Relive your angsty teenage years with heavy guitar riffs on “Flowing” or drop the needle on the reggae jam “Beautiful Disaster.”

Released: 8/18/17

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Label: Sony Legacy

Variant: 150-Gram

Format: 2-LP
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  1. Down
  2. Flowing
  3. All Mixed Up
  4. Amber
  5. Come Original
  6. Beautiful Disaster
  7. Creatures (For A While)
  8. Do Right
  9. I’ll Be Here While
  10. You Wouldn’t Believe
  11. Transistor
  12. Don’t Stay Home
  13. Homebrew
  14. Beyond The Gray Sky
  15. Love Song
  16. How Do You Feel?
  17. First Straw