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3Teeth — EndEx (Red Smoke)

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Limited Red Smoke Vinyl LP

In the post-pandemic desolation of Los Angeles, 3Teeth re-materialize as an enigmatic force of cybernetic entropy, unveiling their most incisive revelation of technosocial disintegration ever: EndEx. Alexis Mincolla, the cryptic provocateur,r and his accomplices escalate their own sonic insurgency with the bewildering rupture of the vanguard single, “Merchant Of The Void.” Delving into the commodification of identity, hyper-consumerism, and the primacy of technology as drivers of ideology and human behavior, they lay bare the foundations of our disintegrating reality. The ensuing sonic shockwaves reverberate through drone-guided offensives, such as the explosive “Slum Planet,” “Higher Than Death” and a phantasmagoric reimagining of Tears For Fears’ seminal hit, “Everybody Wants To Rule The World.” EndEx epitomizes 3Tteeth’s transmutation of industrial metal into a hyperstitional era, unleashing a memetic plague of esoteric theory-fiction.

Released: 9/22/23

Label: 3Teeth

Variant: Red Smoke

Format: LP
New Release
Explicit Content

  1. Xenogenesis
  2. Acme Death Machine
  3. Slum Planet
  4. What's Left
  5. Merchant Of The Void
  6. Higher Than Death
  7. ALI3N
  8. Plutonomicon
  9. Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9)
  10. Scorpion
  11. Drift
  12. Everybody Wants To Rule The World