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Record Care System (Discwasher RD1007Z)

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Vintage-Style Vinyl Record Care System

Similar to the classic brush you grew up with, this record cleaning kit is a great way to remove dust, dirt & fingerprints from your valuable vinyl records — safely and easily.

Package includes:

  • Microfiber pad w/wooden handle
  • Cleaning fluid
  • Mini dust brush
  • Storage bag

Purchase an extra bottle of Vinyl Styl Record Cleaning Fluid here.

    • Microfiber record cleaning pad with wooden handle
    • 50 ml D4+ cleaning fluid in spray bottle
    • Mini dust brush (to clean the pad)
    • Storage bag with tie

    Kit made by RCA/Discwasher, one of the oldest and most respected maintenance brands in the industry. RCA Discwasher products remove contaminants by utilizing proprietary cleaning formulas, non-abrasive cleaning pads, microfiber cloths and repair solutions to help restore audio clarity and enhance rich sound production.