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VInyl Styl

Deep Groove Record Washer System

Regular price $79.95

A Complete, Easy-to-Use Washing & Drying System to Deep Clean Your Vinyl

The Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer System is specifically designed to clean deep into the grooves by combining soft, 100% natural goat hair brushes with a specially formulated washer solution. The cleaning solution can be reused multiple times by using the included filters and funnel. The entire system is self-contained and looks great next to your turntable and record collection.


  • Totally self-contained
  • Cleans 7", 10" and 12" records
  • Built-in drying rack
  • Reusable cleaning solution
  • Replaceable brushes

The verdict: You can spend hundreds on similar spin-type record washers. This is hands-down the best value for a very well-thought-out system that will deep clean a lot of records in a few simple steps, and last for many, many cleanings (refill and replacement parts are available).

For a look at the system in action, check out our Youtube video:

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Your Record Collection’s New Best Friend!

This is the highest-quality record cleaning system for the price that we’ve found — well-designed, easy to use, and it really works! The Deep Groove is a self-contained “bath style” cleaning system that combines natural goat hair brushes with a specially formulated washer solution to gently clean both sides of your record at the same time. Once you’ve run the record through the wash cycle (five spins), just place it on the drying rack and get ready for the unmistakable sound of a clean record!

In the Box:
- Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer Reservoir with Lid
- Drying Rack (located inside the bottom of the washer reservoir)
- 16oz Vinyl Styl Record Washer Fluid
- Label Protection Clamp Wheel
- 45 RPM Adapter
- Washer Fluid Reusable Funnel
- Washer Fluid Strainer
- Washer Fluid Filters (3)
- Instruction Manual

Note that we carry replacement/refill parts for the Deep Groove system, including replacement brushes, additional washer fluid and replacement filters.

How it works:
- Pour 16oz of cleaning fluid into the white tub.
- Screw down the record clamp onto the LP. This protects the label and provides an axle.
- Place the LP into the tub between the submerged brushes.
- Spin the record by hand about 5 revolutions. The submerged brushes clean the grooves.
- Remove the record, remove the record clamp, and place the clean record in the rack to dry.
- Repeat for each record.
- Pour the cleaning fluid through the filter in the funnel back into its container.