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VInyl Styl

Ultimate Vinyl Record Care Kit (Vinyl Styl)

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Everything You Need in One Box

This kit includes everything you need to keep your vintage vinyl sounding great and your new releases in pristine shape. This is our best-selling record and stylus cleaning products all packaged together — and at a better price than if purchased separately. Full kit includes:

  • Deep Cleaning Record Brush
  • Anti-Static Record Brush
  • Stylus Cleaning Brush
  • Record Cleaning Fluid
  • Anti-Static Stylus Cleaning Fluid

• Anti-Static Micro-Fiber Record Cleaning Brush (remove dust from vinyl)
• Deep Cleaning Pad (remove dust & dirt on vinyl without scratching)
• Stylus Cleaning Brush (removes dust & dirt on stylus)
• 1.25 oz. Record Cleaning Fluid (use with Deep Cleaning Record Pad)
• .5 oz. Anti-Static Stylus Cleaning Fluid (use with Stylus Cleaning Brush)