Return Policy

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We buy from some of the best record labels and distributors — and always package our products with care. But if you ever have an issue with record quality, please contact us immediately. Exchanges and refunds are handled promptly, as follows:

Exchange/Replacement  — We will gladly send you a replacement if your record shows an obvious manufacturing defect (one that affects playability) or is damaged in transit. Just send us the little problem child, and we’ll send you a better-behaved brother or sister at no charge. We will also refund your return shipping costs (just use the mailer your record came in and send it to us via USPS Media Mail).

Refunds — If you’d rather call it quits on the little bugger, just send it back via Media Mail and we’ll refund your purchase price + shipping.

Sound fair?

In return, we ask that you do not abuse this policy. If you’re not happy with a particular mix, for example, you’re gonna need to bitch to the record company. We’re as passionate as you about good pressings, but we ultimately can’t be responsible for audio quality. Also, please make your exchange/refund request within thirty (30) days of purchase date. We will NOT issue a refund or exchange after such date for any reason whatsoever.

To get the ball rolling, contact us at (no surprise packages in the mail, plz).

Here’s to fresh vinyl and great sound!

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