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Weakerthans — Left And Leaving (2-LP)

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Double Album

While they never quite gained the indie rock status of stalwarts like Death Cab for Cutie or Modest Mouse (at least in the U.S.), the Weakerthans have had an immeasurable impact on the genre, as evidenced by their 2000 sophomore release.




  1. <strong>Side 1:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>Everything Must Go</li> <li>Aside</li> <li>Watermark</li> <li>Pamphleteer</li></ol><br><strong>Side 2:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>This Is a Fire Door Never Leave Open</li> <li>Without Mythologies</li> <li>Left and Leaving</li> <li>Elegy for Elsabet</li></ol><br><strong>Side 3:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>History to the Defeated</li> <li>Exiles Among You</li> <li>My Favourite Chords</li> <li>Slips and Tangle</li></ol><br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;