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Suicidal Tendencies — Still Cyco After All These Years (Orange Vinyl)

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Limited edition flame orange/yellow vinyl — includes insert

This one was originally released in 1993 as a compilation of sorts, and includes a re-recording of their entire debut album plus re-recordings from Join The Army War Inside My Head and A Little Each Day plus a B-side-only track, Don't Give Me Your Nothin. This is a limited-edition pressing of 1,500 on 180-gram vinyl.




  1. <strong>Side 1:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>Suicide's an Alternative</li> <li>Two-Sided Politics</li> <li>Subliminal</li> <li>I Shot the Devil</li> <li>Won't Fall in Love Today</li> <li>Institutionalized</li> <li>War Inside My Head</li> <li>Don't Give Me Your Nothin'</li></ol><br><strong>Side 2:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>Memories of Tomorrow</li> <li>Possessed</li> <li>I Saw Your Mommy</li> <li>Fascist Pig</li> <li>A Little Each Day</li> <li>I Want More</li> <li>Suicidal Failure</li></ol>