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Spoon — Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (Ann. Ed. 2-LP)

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10th Anniversary Edition — remastered on 180-gram vinyl

This special double LP includes the original album plus a bonus Get Nice 12-inch featuring alternate versions of 10 additional tracks. A full digital download is included.




  1. <strong>Side 1:</strong><br>1. Don't Make Me A Target<br>2. The Ghost Of You Lingers<br>3. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb<br>4. Don't You Evah<br>5. Rhthm &amp; Soul<br><strong>Side 2:</strong><br>1. Eddie's Ragga<br>2. The Underdog<br>3. My Little Japanese Cigarette Case<br>4. Finer Feelings<br>5. Black Like Me<br><strong>LP 2</strong><br><strong>Get Nice!</strong><br>1. I Got Mine<br>2. Be Still My Servant<br>3. Leave Your Effects Where They're Easily Seen<br>4. I Summon You (Cool)<br>5. Mean Mad Margaret<br>6. Love Makes You Feel<br>7. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb (Garage Reverb)<br>8. Tasty Fish<br>9. Dracula's Cigarette<br>10. 1975<br>11. I Can Feel It Fade Like An AM Single<br>12. Curfew Tolls