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Septicflesh — Codex Omega (2-LP)

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Limited Double Vinyl Pressing

Primordial, menacing and majestic, the gods of orchestral extreme metal return with 10 tracks of their trademark blend of mystical atmosphere, relentless death guitar riffing and pale melodies. Lyrically and musically, Codex Omega is by far the most infernal slab from Septicflesh to date.

Label: Season Of Mist

Vinyl: 45 RPM Pressing

Format: 2-LP

  1. Dante’s Inferno
  2. 3rd Testament
  3. Portrait Of A Headless Man
  4. Martyr
  5. Enemy Of Truth
  6. Dark Art
  7. Our Church Below The Sea
  8. Faceless Queen
  9. The Gospels Of Fear
  10. Trinity