Quicksilver Messenger Service Live From the Summer of Love

Quicksilver Messenger Service — Live From The Summer Of Love

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Along with The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane, QMS were one of the leading psychedelic rock bands from the bay area in the mid ’60s. Like many of the bands of the era, QSM were never that comfortable in the studio, and were best heard live. Featuring the guitar playing of the truly awesome late great John Cippolina, this collection of live recordings represents some of the best performances of tracks from their first album and the follow up Happy Trails at legendary venues such as The Fillmore and the Carousel Ballroom.
Released: January 22, 2021

Label: Retroworld



  1. <strong>Tracklist:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>Mona</li> <li>Who Do You Love</li> <li>Codeine</li> <li>The Fool</li></ol>