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OST — Émoi: Willy’s Wonderland (RSD Orange & Black Swirl)

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Orange & Black Swirl Vinyl RSD Pressing

With his car broken down in the Nevada desert, a quiet drifter (Nicolas Cage) doesn’t have any options for cash past an after-hours janitorial job at a condemned family entertainment center. Unfortunately for him and a gaggle of trespassing teens, the facility’s eight animatronic mascots come to murderous life — and it doesn’t look like they’ll win enough tickets to see the morning. This is the original motion picture soundtrack from the cult film by Émoi.

Released: 12/10/21

Label: Filmtrax

Vinyl: Orange & Black Swirl

Format: RSD Release

  1. Introduction
  2. Road To Hayesville
  3. Ozzie The Ostrich
  4. Clap Your Hands
  5. The Birthday Song
  6. Hallway To Hell
  7. The Janitor
  8. Gus The Gorilla
  9. We’re All Friends
  10. Pinball Romance
  11. The Bathroom From Hell
  12. Super Happy Fun Room
  13. Arty Alligator
  14. It Never Bothered You Before
  15. Siren Sara
  16. What’s Lund Divided By Two?
  17. The Birthday Song And Willy’s Jingle
  18. The Willy’s Jingle
  19. Willy’s Wonderland
  20. The Birthday Song
  21. Six Little Chickens
  22. The Death Anthem
  23. Head Shoulders Knees Toes
  24. Knighty Knight
  25. Cammy Chameleon
  26. A Dark History
  27. In Town We Knew What Was Happening
  28. Willy Weasel
  29. The Janitor And Liv