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Numenorean — Home

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Black Vinyl LP

Numenorean, a Post Black/ Blackgaze band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, released their first demo, a two-song record simply titled Demo 2014. After the release, the band signed to Season Of Mist, where they released Home, which essentially takes the ideas of Demo 2014 and puts them into a longer, more thoughtful effort. Though only five tracks, this album delivers a massive sound along with great clean and unclean vocals.

The band derived its name from The Lord Of The Rings: Númenóreans were a scion of the Edain, the most noble race of Men in the First Age. This people was given the island of Númenor at the beginning of the Second Age by the Valar. The Dúnedain would be their immediate, noble descendants in Middle-earth.

Released: 7/22/16

Label: Season of Mist

Variant: Black

Format: LP

  1. Home
  2. Thirst
  3. Shoreless
  4. Devour
  5. Laid Down