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Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats — Debut Album

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Debut Vinyl LP Pressing

Nathaniel Rateliff channels soul greats like Otis Redding and Sam & Dave on his 2015 debut. This was the album he made as a last-ditch effort before throwing in the towel on his music career — only to see it go viral and turn into a runaway hit!

Reissued in 2023 as an Indie Exclusive limited edition on sea blue vinyl.

Black: 8/21/15

Sea Blue: 1/27/23


Label: Fantasy

Vinyl: Black or
180-Gram Sea Blue

Format: LP

  1. I Need Never Get Old
  2. Howling At Nothing
  3. Trying So Hard Not To Know
  4. I’ve Been Failing
  5. S.O.B
  6. Wasting Time
  7. Thank You
  8. Look It Here
  9. Shake
  10. I’d Be Waiting
  11. Mellow Out