1. Nathaniel Rateliff And It's Still Alright
  2. Nathaniel Rateliff And It's Still Alright

Nathaniel Rateliff — And It’s Still Alright (Coke Bottle Green)

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Limited Coke Bottle Green Vinyl Pressing

This 2020 release is an intensely personal 10-song album of vibrant country-blues, badland ballads, ornate Americana and jazz-inflected R&B. And It’s Still Alright’s many highlights include album opener “What A Drag,” which sketches a vivid portrait of a disconnected relationship; “Tonight #2,” a haunting, end-of-the-world waltz; “Time Stands,” detailing an epic, desperate struggle for love; and the elegiac “Rush On,” a heart-breaking requiem for Swift.

Released: 02/14/2020

Label: Fantasy

Variant: Coke Bottle Green

Format: 1-LP

  1. What A Drag
  2. And It’s Still Alright
  3. All Or Nothing
  4. Expecting To Lose
  5. Tonight #2
  6. Mavis
  7. You Need Me
  8. Time Stands
  9. Kissing Our Friends
  10. Rush On