Marilyn Manson Portrait Of An American Family vinyl record album

Marilyn Manson — Portrait Of An American Family

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Portrait of an American Family is the 1994 debut studio album from the band with the serial killer surnames — the first release after the controversial and influential industrial metal artist dropped the name Spooky Kids from their name. The God of F--- quickly became the new metal messiah for disenfranchised youth everywhere.


Vinyl: Black

Format: LP

  1. Prelude (The Family Trip)
  2. Cake And Sodomy
  3. Lunchbox
  4. Organ Grinder
  5. Cyclops
  6. Dope Hat
  7. Get Your Gunn
  8. Wrapped In Plastic
  9. Dogma
  10. Sweet Tooth
  11. Snake Eyes And Sissies
  12. My Monkey
  13. Misery Machine