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Lucinda Williams — Good Souls Better Angels (2-LP)

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Drawing as much from punk as roadhouse blues, three-time Grammy winner Lucinda Williams’ loud and unsparing new album is some of the heaviest, most inspiring music of her career — taking on the human, social and political issues of our day.

Label: Highway 20 Records

Vinyl: Black

Format: Double LP

  1. You Can’t Rule Me
  2. Bad News Blues
  3. Man Without a Soul
  4. Big Black Train
  5. Wakin’ Up
  6. Pray the Devil Back to Hell
  7. Shadows and Doubts
  8. When the Way Gets Dark
  9. Bone of Contention
  10. Down Past the Bottom
  11. Big Rotator
  12. Good Souls
  13. (Acoustic Demos
  14. Bad News Blues
  15. Pray the Devil Back to Hell
  16. You Can’t Rule Me
  17. Man Without A Soul
  18. Wakin’ Up