1. Joji Smithereens
  2. Joji Smithereens

Joji — Smithereens

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Black Vinyl LP

In 2022, following on the heels of the 2X Platinum single, “Glimpse Of Us,” Joji released his third studio album, Smithereens, which expands on the powerful emotions of the breakout hit. On the album, Billboard raved, “Anyone familiar with Joji’s dulcet tones and emotionally revealing lyricism could have predicted that he’d become a solo star.” Side A of Smithereens heralds a mature sonic direction for Joji through wistful and contemplative ballads accompanied by lush production that blooms within each song. Side B, largely produced by Joji himself, digs deeper into the lo-fi and off-kilter sounds that harken back to his experimental beginnings as an artist.

Released: 5/12/23

Label: Warner Records

Variant: Black

Format: 1-LP
Gatefold Jacket
Explicit Content

  1. Glimpse Of Us
  2. Feeling Like The End
  3. Die For You
  4. Before The Day Is Over
  5. Dissolve
  6. Night Rider
  7. Blahblahblah Demo
  8. Yukon (Interlude)
  9. 1AM Freestyle