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Japandroids — Celebration Rock (White Vinyl)

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The long-awaited follow up to 2009’s Post-Nothing, Celebration Rock is well balanced with a much bigger sound and showcases the Vancouver duo’s growth as songwriters with tunes like “Evil’s Sway” and “The House That Heaven Built.”
Track list:
The Nights Of Wine And Roses
Fire’s Highway
Evil’s Sway
For The Love Of Ivy
Adrenaline Nightshift
Younger Us
The House That Heaven Built
Continuous Thunder




  1. <strong>Track list:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>The Nights Of Wine And Roses</li> <li>Fire’s Highway</li> <li>Evil’s Sway</li> <li>For The Love Of Ivy</li> <li>Adrenaline Nightshift</li> <li>Younger Us</li> <li>The House That Heaven Built</li> <li>Continuous Thunder</li></ol>