James McMurtry Live In Aught Three

James McMurtry — Live In Aught-Three (2-LP)

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Double LP Pressing

Though he’s rightly revered as a pungent, literate songsmith, McMurtry would be just as happy to go down in history as a rocker, a scathing guitar-slinger equal parts Keith Richards and Neil Young. For the most part, McMurtry’s first live recording (drawn from four separate gigs in Salt Lake City, Nashville, and Asheville, NC) slams that point home with droning fuzz-tone guitar jams and a rhythm section that measures up to Crazy Horse’s pounding gravity. –Roy Kasten
Released: 2/1/11

Label: Lightning Rod Records


Format: 2-LP

  1. <strong>Tracklist:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>Saint Mary Of The Woods</li> <li>Fraulein O</li> <li>Red Dress</li> <li>No More Buffalo</li> <li>60 Acres</li> <li>Rachel’s Song</li> <li>Out Here In The Middle</li> <li>Choctaw Bingo</li> <li>Lights Of Cheyenne</li> <li>Max’s Theorem</li> <li>I’m Not From Here</li> <li>Too Long In The Wasteland</li> <li>Rex’s Blues</li></ol>