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Hold Steady — Boys And Girls In America (2-LP)

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Double LP pressing — digital download included

Recorded in the summer of 2006, the third full length offering from The Hold Steady soars with barroom rock anthems and heartfelt ballads full of lyrical wit and anthemic choruses.




  1. Stuck Between Stations<br>Chips Ahoy<br>Hot Soft Light<br>Same Kooks<br>First Night<br>Party Pit<br>You Can Make Him Like You<br>Massive Nights<br>Citrus<br>Chill Out<br>Southtown Girls<br>Girls Like Status<br>Arms and Hearts<br>For Boston<br>Teenage Liberation<br>Citrus (Demo)<br>Stuck Between Stations (Demo)<br>Chips Ahoy! (Demo)<br>Massive Nights (Demo)<br>Chillout Tent (Demo)<br>First Night (Demo)