1. Gwar Lust In Space Silver Vinyl
  2. Gwar Lust In Space Silver Vinyl

GWAR — Lust In Space (Silver Vinyl)

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Indie Exclusive Silver Vinyl

GWAR transcends the precepts of what a band truly is, becoming a worldwide cultural icon whose influence on our society is undeniable. Surrender yourself to the remorseless force that is GWAR and join the band as they mark the 25th year with their 2021 album, Lust In Space.

Released: 7/16/21

Label: Metal Blade

Vinyl: Silver

Format: Indie Exclusive

  1. Lust In Space
  2. Let Us Slay
  3. Damnation Under God
  4. The Uberklaw
  5. Lords And Masters
  6. Metal Metal Land
  7. The Price Of Peace
  8. Where Is Zog?
  9. Make A Child Cry
  10. Release The Flies
  11. Parting Shot