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Dr. John, The Night Tripper — Gris-Gris (color vinyl)

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The 1968 debut album from Cajun beatnik shaman Dr. John, the Night Tripper, brings the hypnotic, mystical and powerful sound of the swamp to life. This mono mix is sourced from the original master tapes and pressed on limited edition swirled vinyl.

Released: October 2018.

Label: Reprise;ATCO Records

Vinyl: Limited edition

Format: LP
Mono Mix

  1. Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya
  2. Danse Kalinda Ba Doom
  3. Mama Roux
  4. Danse Fambeaux
  5. Croker Courtbullion
  6. Jump Sturdy
  7. I Walk on Guilded Splinters