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Die Antwoord — 5 (CD)

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CD Release 2010

The EP, 5, was the first official release by Die Antwoord on a major record label, Cherrytree Records. It followed up on internet circulation of the album $O$ and the viral video for “Enter The Ninja,” which debuted at #37 in the U.K. music charts in September of 2010. The EP features some previously released material, as well as one new track and a remix.




  1. <strong>Tracklist:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>Enter The Ninja (5:07)</li> <li>Wat Kyk Jy? (4:37)</li> <li>I Don’t Need You (3:58)</li> <li>Fish Paste (4:17)</li> <li>Enter The Ninja (DJ Fish Sticks Remix)</li></ol>