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Devo — Freedom Of Choice (White)

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Limited Edition LP on White Vinyl

The ’80s are calling, and they want you to spin Devo’s third album! Freedom Of Choice is pretty much the perfect New Wave album, with its iconic synths on tracks like “Girl U Want” and their biggest hit, “Whip It.”

Released: 1/17/20

Label: Warner Records

Variant: White

Format: LP Reissue

  1. Girl U Want
  2. It’s Not Right
  3. Whip it
  4. Snowball
  5. Ton O’ Luv
  6. Freedom Of Choice
  7. Gates Of Steel
  8. Cold War
  9. Don’t You Know
  10. That’s Pep!
  11. Mr. B’s Ballroom
  12. Planet Earth