Cold War Kids — This Will Blow Over In Time

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Double Album

This 2-disc set brings together the band's radio singles from 2005-2015, along with some of their best unreleased and rare tracks.




  1. <strong>LP 1:</strong><br>1. Hang Me Up To Dry<br>2. We Used To Vacation<br>3. Hospital Beds<br>4. I've Seen Enough<br>5. Something Is Not Right With Me<br>6. Louder Than Ever<br>7. Royal Blue<br>8. Audience Of One<br>9. Miracle Mile<br>0. Lost That Easy<br>11. All This Could Be Yours<br>12. First<br><strong>LP 2:</strong><br>1. Vacation In Chicago<br>2. First (Demo)<br>3. Opium Tea<br>4. Goodnight Tennessee<br>5. Coffee Spoon<br>6. Minimum Mistake<br>7. In Harmony In Silver<br>8. Quiet, Please!<br>9. Expensive Tastes<br>10. Romance Languages #1<br>11. Fashionable