Cannabis Corpse Blunted At Birth

Cannabis Corpse — Blunted At Birth

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Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Cannabis Corpse was formed by Municipal Waste bassist “LandPhil” Hall (bass/vocals) and his brother Josh “Hallhammer” Hall (drums) out of a mutual love of brutal Floridian death metal (Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Obituary) — and weed. The band’s earliest recordings (2006’s Blunted At Birth and 2008’s Tube Of The Resinated) are primal homages to their influences, where relentless, jackhammer beats and sick, guttural vocals lay the foundation for twisted tales of crazed weed mayhem.

Reissued: 10/8/21

Label: Season Of Mist

Variant: Black

Format: Limited Edition

  1. Blunted At Birth
  2. Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red
  3. Reefer Stashed Place
  4. Force Fed Shitty Grass
  5. Cum Bud
  6. I Will Smoke You
  7. When Weed Replaces Life