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Beach Boys — Feel Flows: The Sunflower & Surf’s Up Sessions (1969-1971)

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Double LP Vinyl Pressing

What’s better than one Beach Boys album? Two, of course! These remastered studio sessions combine two of the finest post-Pet Sounds albums, Sunflower and Surfs Up. Fun fact: “All I Wanna Do” is one of the earliest examples of the dream-pop subgenre, with its floaty vocals and heavy reverb! Includes eight previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Released: 8/27/21

Label: Capitol

Vinyl: Black Vinyl

Format: 2-LP

  1. Slip On Through
  2. This Whole World
  3. Add Some Music To Your Day
  4. Got To Know The Woman
  5. Deirdre
  6. It's About Time
  7. Cotton Fields (2020 stereo mix) [previously unreleased bonus track]
  8. San Miguel (backing vocals excerpt) [previously unreleased bonus track]
  9. It's About Time (backing vocals excerpt) [previously unreleased bonus track]
  10. Tears In The Morning
  11. All I Wanna Do
  12. Forever
  13. Our Sweet Love
  14. At My Window
  15. Cool, Cool Water
  16. This Whole World (Live 1988) [previously unreleased bonus track]
  17. Don't Go Near The Water
  18. Long Promised Road
  19. Take A Load Off Your Feet
  20. Disney Girls
  21. Student Demonstration Time (Based on "Riot In Cell Block 9")
  22. Disney Girls (Live 1982) [previously unreleased bonus track]
  23. Feel Flows (backing vocals excerpt) [previously unreleased bonus track]
  24. Feel Flows
  25. Lookin' At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)
  26. A Day In The Life Of A Tree
  27. 'Til I Die
  28. Surf's Up
  29. A Day In The Life Of A Tree (track & backing vocals) [previously unreleased bonus track]
  30. 'Til I Die (a cappella) [previously unreleased bonus track]