B-52’s — The B-52’s (Debut Album)


The B-52’s campy debut album was a sonic head spinner — from the retro-atomic throb of Planet Claire to the catchy-kitcshy weirdness of their signature hit Rock Lobster. The B-52’s first album is a fun, fun, fun record that was sooooo far ahead of its time in 1979.

Reissued in July 2019.

Drums, Percussion, Effects [Claire Sounds] – Keith Strickland
Guitar, Effects [Smoke Alarm] – Ricky Wilson
Vocals, Bongos, Tambourine – Cindy Wilson
Vocals, Organ, Keyboards [Keyboard Bass] – Kate Pierson
Vocals, Toy Piano, Electronics [Walkie Talkie] – Fred Schneider

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On the B-52’s debut album, the little dance band from Athens unleashed an other-worldly party mix of pop, surf, avant-garde, amateur punk and white funk that just dared you to stand still. You’ve got to remember, the post-punk world was pretty dour in 1979. And along comes the B-52’s Rock Lobster with its matching towels and ear lobes dropping in the deep. Suddenly, every weird kid geeking out to Dr. Demento finally had their band!
That said, the first album from the B-52’s is not a record of throwaway pop (although their cover of Petula Clark's Downtown comes close). Songs like Dance This Mess Around, Lava and Planet Claire bristle with hooks and a seriously warped sense of humor that are still irresistible today.
Side 1:

  1. Planet Claire (4:35)
  2. 52 Girls (3:34)
  3. Dance This Mess Around (4:36)
  4. Rock Lobster (6:49)

Side 2:

  1. Lava (4:54)
  2. There's a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon) (4:54)
  3. Hero Worship (4:07)
  4. 6060-842 (2:48)
  5. Downtown (2:57)

The B-52’s were about more than just smart, punchy, punk music you could dance to. There was also ... the look. Sci-fi hairdos, retro party outfits and a retina-blowing rainbow of color. Check them out in their prime with this 1983 video of Dance This Mess Around from the B-52’s first album.




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