Jimi Hendrix Experience — Are You Experienced


Authorized Hendrix Family Edition

Remastered from the original 2-track master tapes on 180-gram vinyl

Widely regarded as one of the greatest debuts in the history of rock music, Are You Experienced forever changed the conception of what a guitar could sound like. Jimi strapped on his “upside down” Stratocaster, punched his wah-wah peddle, and the world was never the same. This album is that revolutionary. Are You Experienced features some of Hendrix’s best-known songs, including the Experience’s first three singles, Purple Haze, Hey Joe and The Wind Cries Mary.

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Lately Things, They Don’t Seem the Same

The Experience had only been together for a few weeks in May of 1967 when they recorded Are You Experienced in London. They were also just a month away from their U.S debut, where Jimi left the beautiful people of the Monterey Pop Festival absolutely gobsmacked by torching his guitar onstage. But The Experience wasn’t all Jimi. They were a superb power trio, with Noel Redding swapping his six-string for a bass and Mitch Mitchell attacking the drums with a ferocity that made Are You Experienced as much a revelation for drummers as it was for guitarists.

 Side One:

  1. Purple Haze
  2. Manic Depression
  3. Hey Joe
  4. Love or Confusion
  5. May This Be Love
  6. I Don't Live Today

Side Two:

  1. The Wind Cries Mary Fire
  2. 3rd Stone From The Sun
  3. Foxy Lady
  4. Are You Experienced?

Are You Experienced is shot through with surreal sonic moments, from backwards-masked drums to Jimi’s new guitar effect, the Octavia, which he used to add a higher-octave overtone to each note of his guitar solos, most notably during the album opener, Purple Haze. Interested in the gear behind the sound? This article explains how to sound just like Jimi.

And be sure to check out the incendiary second album from The Experience. We have Axis Bold As Love available for just $18.95.





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