Behemoth — Grom


2013 Reissue by Black Metal Favorites

1996’s Grom (“Thunder” in Polish), the second studio album from Polish extreme metal mavens Behemoth, unleashed a unique combination of black, Viking and thrash metal on the world.

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The album marks Behemoth’s last release before their shift into a more straightforward blackened-death metal sound. Catch a piece of history sealed forever in this record: death/black metal overlords Behemoth making use of female vocals, acoustic guitars and synthesizers.

Side 1:

  1. Intro
  2. The Dark Forest (Cast Me Your Spell)
  3. Spellcraft & Heathendom
  4. Dragon’s Lair (Cosmic Flames And Four Barbaric Seasons)

Side 2:

  1. Lasy Pomorza
  2. Rising Proudly Towards The Sky
  3. Thou Shalt Forever Win
  4. Grom

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