1. Dead Poet Society Fission
  2. Dead Poet Society Fission (Blue 2-LP)

Dead Poet Society — Fission (Blue 2-LP)

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Double Light Blue Vinyl LP

After a decade defining, redefining and perfecting their art, Fission finds Dead Poet Society poised to be rock’s next breakout act. The album, the band’s second release, is a 13-track study of personal change and the turbulence of growth that, as frontman Jack Underkofler attests, takes “a microscopic and broad look at the events that changed who we are.”

The album features two singles: “I Hope You Hate Me.” and “How Could I Love You?” Both songs address the sometimes bittersweet, more often simply bitter, fallout from a tumultuous relationship. The latter is an excruciating yet intoxicating journey, backed by searing guitars, while the former addresses the aftermath of a relationship.

While the lyrics are fully relatable, the music is a DNA-distinct blend of anthemic alternative, dark and moody hard rock, and progressive indie. Fission is truly unlike anything you’ve heard in recent times.

Released: 1/26/24

Label: Spinefarm

Variant: Light Blue

Format: 2-LP

  1. 5:29:45
  2. Running In Circles
  3. Hurt
  4. How Could I Love You?
  5. I Hope You Hate Me
  6. Uto
  7. Tipping Point
  8. La Queen
  9. Hard To Be God
  10. 81 Tonnes
  11. My Condition
  12. Koet
  13. Black And Gold