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Stylus Cleaning Kit (Groovy)

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Bust the Dust!

Dust on your stylus makes your records sound muddy. Keep dust at bay by giving your stylus a gentle brushing every time you cue up a record. For a deeper clean, apply a small drop of cleaning solution to the brush first. Pair it with the Discwasher Record Care System for clean records and a clean stylus. Includes brush, fluid & storage bag.


  • Inspect the stylus tip for dust build-up.
  • Add 2 drops of fluid to the nylon brush.
  • Gently stroke the stylus from the back of the cartridge to the front (you may damage the stylus by stroking in the other direction.)
  • Repeat if needed.
  • To clean brush, run under warm water and let air dry.

    • Dense nylon bristle brush (use wet or dry)
    • .34 fl. oz. (10 ml) stylus cleaning fluid
    • Cotton drawstring bag for storage