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Big Fudge

Inner + Outer Record Sleeve Bundle

Regular price $30.95

Refresh Your Records with 50 Inner Sleeves + 50 Outer Sleeves

Grab this bundle of the perfect set of inner and outer sleeves to protect your older records from age and wear. Set includes:

  • 50 Crystal Clear Outer Sleeves: Fit all 12" albums, doubles and gatefolds. Made of 3 mil, crystal clear polypropylene so the album artwork shines through while preventing albums from sticking together.
  • 50 Acid-Free Inner Sleeves: White 20# paper features round corners to make them easy to slide in and out of even the most weathered covers with ease. External seams protect your precious vinyl.

• 12.75" square outer sleeves
• 12.13" square inner sleeves
• Made by Big Fudge